What makes Charles River Media Group unique is that creating compelling narratives is not just our job – it’s our passion. Whether we are crafting a documentary, feature film, or creative short of our own design or of our clients, Charles River Media Group pushes the envelope of production design, technique, and story. We are passionate about creating and fostering creative filmmaking of all genres.

In 2013, we produced the first “Ascendants” short film, which was the last project filmed on our RED Scarlet before we upgraded to the EPIC. This 18 minute short is a prequel to a feature length script that we are looking to produce. The success of that first short led to more over the years! Check out the trailer to the entire series on the left and feel free to visit


We provide crews for documentaries aimed for theatrical, television, and internet audiences. Our shoots have ranged from single and multi-camera interviews to cinema verité style productions.

We’ve worked on feature length productions including the award-winning documentary about inventor Ray Kurzweil called Transcendent Man, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. We provided the Second Unit Director, Director of Photography, and camera crew for this project, as well as shot the promotional photography for the official movie poster and DVD cover. Transcendent Man was directed by Barry Ptolemy and produced by Ptolemaic Productions and Therapy Studios.

The first time CRMG’s Don Schechter and Bruce Petschek worked together was when asked to film for the DVD Special Features for the film Canvas – staring Marcia Gay Harden and Joey “Pants” Pantoliano (pictured right.)

Marranos – The Secret Jews of Spain

This feature film is set during the Spanish Inquisition and is one of the first feature films produced by Charles River Media Group and Pizza Baby Films, Inc. Check out the making of a set in our studio:

Check out the conceptual artwork for our Ascendants two hour series pilot:

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