Live Events

From Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Awards to groundbreaking ceremonies to demos at PAX East, we film a variety of live events and performances.  We offer multiple production options ranging from simple one-camera setups to high quality multi-camera shoots.

Multi-Camera Live Switching – We now also offer live edits with our portable HD Switcher and AJA recorder.  We’ll set up several HD cameras, run the feed to a board, direct the event live  –  and you can walk away with a complete digital “live-to-tape” file at the end of the night!

Check out our Highlights from Amy Poehler’s Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year 2015 Roast…

…or the 2014 Roast of Neil Patrick Harris.


Charles River Media Group offers live video webcasting as a service.  We specialize in live broadcasting your message around the globe using the ever-expanding reach of the world wide web.

Why go LIVE?

It’s immediate (share info in real time,viewer analytics, opportunities for ads and sponsors). It’s interactive (social media integration, online Q&A, live polls). And it’s cost-effective (lower carbon footprint of events, viewers can experience events without being onsite, far cheaper than traditional TV broadcast)

There are two types of Broadcasts: public (viewable by the general public), and internal (send the program to remote offices and employees).


  • Presentations
  • 1-on-1 Interviews
  • Round Table Discussions
  • Company Meetings
  • Concerts and performances
  • Town Halls
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