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Are you looking for Boston documentary production companies or Boston film production support or creation? What makes Charles River Media Group unique is that creating compelling narratives is not just our job – it’s our passion. Whether we are crafting a documentary, feature film, or creative short of our own design or of our clients, we look forward to pushing the envelope of production design, technique, and story. We are passionate about creating and fostering creative filmmaking of all genres, whether it’s exploring the singularity as the 2nd Unit Crew for the documentary Transcendent Man, working on the behind the scenes features for the film Canvas, producing Marranos, or collaborating with Pizza Baby Films on our very own Ascendants Anthology or Ascendants: Horizon. Don’t forget to take a look behind the scenes.

The Ascendants Anthology

From 2013 – 2016, we produced three short “Ascendants” films that comprise the Ascendants Anthology. The first film was the last project filmed on our RED Scarlet before we upgraded to the EPIC. Check out this trailer for the anthology.  Read more below on Ascendants, including the trailer for Ascendants: Horizon

Transcendent Man and Boston Documentary Production Companies

We provide crews for documentaries aimed for theatrical, television, and internet audiences. Our shoots have ranged from single and multi-camera interviews to cinema verité style productions.

We’ve worked on feature length productions including the award-winning documentary about inventor Ray Kurzweil called Transcendent Man, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. We provided the Second Unit Director, Director of Photography, and camera crew for this project, as well as shot the promotional photography for the official movie poster and DVD cover. Transcendent Man was directed by Barry Ptolemy and produced by Ptolemaic Productions and Therapy Studios.

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Green Screen Photo Shoot
Stephen Colbert holds up Charles River Media Group Photography

Photography Services

Stephen Colbert holding up the film’s DVD case with our photo prior to Ray’s interview on The Colbert Report.  

CRMG Crew with Joey Pants

Fun Fact: The first time CRMG’s Don Schechter and Bruce Petschek worked together was when hired for the DVD Special Features for the film Canvas – staring Marcia Gay Harden and Joey “Pants” Pantoliano. Need documentary support? Tired of googling Boston documentary production companies? Contact us!

Canvas DVD cover

Marranos – The Secret Jews of Spain

What if your family, part of a religious minority, had been living for hundreds of years in a country known for its traditions of tolerance — a place where you’d become prosperous, influential members of society. And then, one day, word came down that all would be lost unless you renounced your faith. What would you do?

This scenario is not hypothetical. Produced by Howard Woolf and Don Schechter, MARRANOS, a feature-length, independent film, tells the story of Spanish Jews, nearing the turn of the 15th century, whose lives were changed forever when the call went out: convert or die.

Some refused. Many fled. And many others took the offer — outwardly — while struggling to remain Jews in their hearts. These were the Marranos. Theirs is a story of courage, faith and resistance, and it resonates with that of the thousands of secret Jews around the world who’ve come forward in recent times. It also reveals the roots of Europe’s obsession with resolving the “Jewish Question.” Sadly, we see a logic at work that’s eerily similar to the ones at the core of Hitler’s “Final Solution” and the twisted ideologies of hate groups in our own time.

Marranos Film Poster

Ascendants: Horizon

This 30 minute sci-fi short film serves as a prequel to the award winning ‘The Ascendants Anthology’ film series as well as a general entry into the mythology of The Ascendants saga, which includes an upcoming novel based on a television series pilot pitch. ‘Horizon’ follows Ben, a prescription drug addict and an unwitting experiment of ‘The Jacobs Institute,’ as he returns home to a small town in Vermont following the death of his father. Ben reunites with his childhood love, Kayla, who faces her own demons, and challenges Ben to stop running away.

The Ascendants Anthology and Ascendants: Horizon

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Pizza Baby Films

Pizza Baby Films’s goal is to produce and provide support to major motion picture productions in and around Boston, Massachusetts. The company is based in Newton Center, MA alongside Charles River Media Group. Pizza Baby Films is named after Don Schechter’s daughter Zoey – who forced her mother to consume many slices of pizza while she was pregnant. Both thought the baby would be composed solely of pizza. Pizza Baby Films is in the unique position of being able to partner with companies including Charles River Media Group in order to provide financial, technical, and logistical support to both major motion pictures and independent films shooting in and near Boston, Massachusetts. Resources include a production office and studio located on the “T,” post-production workstations including a color correction suite, and access to production equipment ranging from Red Cameras to G&E gear. Pizza Baby Films, Inc. actively seeks to invest in and support local independent feature films. We are also eager to discuss our own projects with potential investors and producers. For the best boston documentary production companies and film production companies contact Charles River Media Group and Pizza Baby Films.