We’ve filmed everywhere from hospitals in New England and Hawaii, to nursing homes, research labs, and manufacturing plants – and with clients ranging from the New England of Journal of Medicine to Vicor.

CRMG has an ongoing partnership with Advance Care Planning Decisions.

Dr. Angelo Volandes, Co-Founder and President of ACP Decisions, is on faculty at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital and recently released his book, “The Conversation: A Revolutionary Plan for End-of-Life Care.” CRMG produced the book trailer and works closely with Dr. Volandes and his team on a series of videos. Click the image to read more about his work as we travelled and filmed in Hawaii.

ACP Decisions Newspaper Article

CRMG also has an ongoing relationship with NEJM Group – the parent company of the New England Journal of Medicine. Interviews, motion graphics, product demos and more.



Take a look at this “Whiteboard” video for Vicor Power.

Check out this (vintage!) CRMG Behind the Scenes video.

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A Look Back…

I started working at Charles River Media Group in the summer of 2014. About two months into my employment, we received an email request for a short editing project. Don set up a phone conference and an in-person meeting with Dr. Angelo Volandes of ACP Decisions, a foundation geared at empowering patients and families to discuss end of care decisions in an open and educated environment.

After the initial editing project, we noticed that Dr. Volandes and his wife, Dr. Aretha Delight Davis were looking for a new space to film their long-running series of medical videos…

Fast forward to 2017! I have been working with Angelo and Aretha on over 200 videos in over a dozen languages to date. After nearly twenty studio shoots, hundreds of logged post-production hours, and thousands of emails, I would say that well over half of my job at Charles River Media Group is dedicated to project managing and video editing for ACP Decisions.

Angelo, Aretha, and the rest of the team at ACP Decisions are a great group of people working for a very important and worthy cause. Much of our communication happens through email given the global environment of this foundation, but through project tracking and progress updates, we have built up a respectful and trustworthy working relationship.

We hope to work with ACP Decisions for a long time, and are happy to contribute to an important, helpful, and empowering cause.

– Jackie Noack

ACP Screen Shot

Dr. Aretha Delight Davis narrates a Goals of Care video.

Amazon Book Video Still

Still from an Amazon video we created for Dr. Angelo Volandes’ book.