Charles River Media Group is a full service media production agency that provides multi-camera broadcast-quality streaming services. From concept to completion, we will work with you to communicate your message and engage online audiences through public or private platforms. Click here to learn more.

Why go LIVE?

  • Community – Foster brand awareness, host programming, and interact with your online audience.

  • Revenue – Provide sponsorship, merchandising, and pay-per-view opportunities.

  • Momentum – Create a sense of urgency, attract a crowd, and share time-sensitive information.

  • Growth – Boost interest, reach new audiences, and increase on-site attendance for future events.


  • Talks & Panels: Share a live talk to your organization’s Facebook page and take questions via social media.
  • Internal Communications & Conferences: Webcast to off-site attendees and remote offices.
  • Pressers & Events: Provide important updates in real time.


  • Round Table: Hold a discussion among industry peers to educate professionals in your field. Create advertising and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Product Demo: Engage your online community by demoing a new product and answering online questions.

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